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The smaller fishing boat

At our disposal we have a light 4.5 meter Gregor aluminum with a 20 HP Suzuki EFI motor and a MotorGuide iX5 GPS-guided trolling motor. This boat can access many of the smaller "sneaky venues" in the the area without launch ramps but plenty of pikes, zander and perch.

We also have an extremely stable 5.5 meter Kimple Adventure aluminium with a 60 HP Yamaha EFI motor and MotorGuide iX5 GPS-guided trolling motor. It is the perfect boat for family outings or for 3-4 people fishing.

The bigger boat
The bigger boat

On our boats life west are worn at all times. We have floatation suits for the colder months. Boats are also equipped with fire extinguishers and emergency flairs.
I'm very cautious in planning according to weather conditions and may in some cases have to look for alternative venues in case of high winds. 
We have a guide and passanger insurance via Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg.

fishing lures

Rods, reels, lures etc are  of various brands such as Diawa, Fox, St. Croix, Savagear, Westin, Nash, DAM and so on. We do not adhere to one specific brand.

For carp fishing we use rods from Fox and Nash along with Delkim alarms. We have Nash brolly's and bechairs for overnight trips.

Carp fishing
Garmin Live Scope

We use marine electronics from Garmin including the Panoptix LiveScope system. "You don't need to catch it to see it"

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