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New to fishing? 

From boat or shore - these tutorial trips are great introductions to recreational fishing

Boat trip

On a boat trip you can board without ever having used a fishing rod and end the day casting as a pro with a few zander, pikes or perch under your belt. Maybe even some big enough for eating and dont worry; your guide will help out cleaning fish. The boat also has modern live sonar equipment that allows us to view fish swimming in realtime up to 20 meters below the boat!! On trips like these everything is included and the only thing you need to bring is wind and waterproof clothing. Remember even in the summer it can get chilly out there on the lake. In the summer we wear lifevests (also included). For the colder months you may want to use one of our floatation suits that keep you warm as well. Location: Möckeln close to Älmhult but other venues are possible too. Price* a day (approx 8 hours) 2700 SEK / 1 pers 3500 SEK / 2 pers 4500 SEK / 3-4 pers Half day (approx 4 hours) 2700 SEK / 2 pers 3700 SEK / 3-4 pers ​ Price includes all equipment- but you are also welcome to bring your own. You should bring sensible clothing (this is very important so don't hesitate to ask), food and drinks. I will arrange for necessary fishing licence, which is not included in the price but between 50 and 100 SEK for adults and often free for children to the age of 16.

Shore based trips

The shore trips are perfect family picnics and we use simple lines, hooks and sinkers to catch some of the smaller fish lurking along the edges. On one such trips we usually catch perch, roach, rudd and bream and we have a bucket to observe this fish before releasing them again. These trips are always a hit with children and all you need to bring is sensible cloting and a picnicbasket. A good tipp is to bring waterproof boots or just sandals that allows you stand in the water. Lake banks are wet. Location: Möckeln, Såganässjön or Osbysjön. Duration: 4 hours Prices: 450 SEK / pers (minimum 1800 SEK) I will arrange for necessary fishing licences which are between 50 and 100 SEK for adults and often free for children to the age of 16.

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